Spark Bits: Poems & Reveries



Sometimes the Spirit visits me
Like a warm, embracing friend
Breathing calm into my soul
Reassuring, reaffirming
Reminding me whose I am.

Sometimes the Spirit whispers
In soft, insistent tones
Calling gently, urging me on
Filling me with sacred yearnings
And nostalgia for my true home.

Sometimes the Spirit whacks me
Full on in the face
Heaven-sent two-by-four
To teach me something new
Or wake me up to grace.

Sometimes the Spirit calls out loud
Strong and clear, breaks my heart
Alerting me to loss and pain
Tragedies of brothers and sisters
Who cry for release, for healing to start.

Sometimes the Spirit fills me so
It bubbles up within
Uncontainable joy shimmers through,
My heart so full it will surely burst
If I do not dance or cry or sing.

Sometimes the Spirit pervades a space
So thick and still and true
Shining down in tender love
Eddies of light on which souls float
Unafraid to stretch and grow anew.

© Brenda O’Dell

Let me be
Still and silent,
Until I find You, O God,
At my center
And above.

Set my heart and thoughts
Aflame with loving intensity
Like a ball of ignited energy
Rolling along the strands
Of the cosmic grid
Gathering and pulling
Love and peace and healing
Down the web of pathways
Which connect us all,
Lighting up each neon thread
With multi-colored brilliance
Bursting at each intersection
Into fireworks of reconnection
Glowing and throbbing
With the energies
Of Your love and grace,
And joy and peace,
Aurora Borealis divine!

May my prayers speed on 
Impelled by love 
Powered by The One
Creator and Sustainer
Source and Destination
“In whom we live and move and have our being”
Whose energy crackles and sizzles
Along electric wires
In the labyrinth of life
The Alpha and Omega
Vibrating and humming
Helping us find our way
Into each other’s hearts
In compassionate connection.

© Brenda O’Dell

God as air
God as mist
God as shining star
God as daybreak
God as sunset
God both near and far

God as breeze
God as windstorm
God as gentle sigh
God as thunder
God as birdsong
God as baby’s cry

God as stream
God as ocean
God as mighty wave
God as mercy
God as grace
Source of all we have

God as artist
God as parent
God who loves my soul
God as maker
God as healer
Touch me, make me whole.

God as fire
God as lightning
God as warming flame
God as leader
God as servant
God as wounded, lame

God as mourner
God as victim
God as kindness shown
God as searcher
God as shepherd
Bringing lost sheep home

God as dancer
God as music
God as symphony
God as lyric
Of forgiveness
Let love sing through me
© Brenda O’Dell
Christ’s broken body
Hacked to bits
By budget cuts.
Unwilling to truly trust
We stand by impotently
Wringing our hands and moaning. 

“We love this church!” we cry -
Beloved vehicle of blessing
Following prophetic light
Illumination on the winding way.
We’re enchanted by divine adventure
Yet unable to fully surrender.

What is this Lenten lassitude
That causes us once more
To crucify the Lord of Life
And yet not feel the shame,
Tethered to our earthly fears
Incapable of change? 
Hands and feet near powerless 
How can The Body bear the Good News 
When we cannot run nor lift nor speak?

We stand and watch the Chosen One
Who suffers silently; 
The tears that track his bloodied face 
Are shed for you and me.  
Poor selfish creatures afraid to risk
We still have not learned  
It is sacrifice in darkest night 
That leads to the multi-hued dawning
Of resurrection light.

"Is this the end?" sad voices murmur
Mourners gathered round and grieving.
The God of all whispers gently, "No my children,
There is still heartbeat, blood and strength,
New life, if that is what you choose."
The Body yet is breathing
The kingdom waits for activation
When loving hearts make mission first
When stubborn hope births giving hearts -
Spiritual resuscitation.

© Brenda O’Dell 

Spring birds return
In dead of winter
I worry for their safety
Will they survive
The storms ahead?

They raise sweet songs
In wild abandon
And warm themselves
In the glow of the sun.

Trusting you, God,
May I too sing
Unmindful of what may come
Except for your faithfulness
In all life’s present moments.

© Brenda O’Dell 

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